Cube Blast

Play Cube Blast on any device. Get ready, tap on the box, and destroy 2 or more 2 boxes in a row or column. Play the simple game mode. Match 2 cubes to blast and clear the board, and complete the goal to win amazing in-game rewards. Destroy more than 2 cubes to create new boosters. It’s important to form good tap strategies to clear current-level goals. Swap and destroy the same cube type in this free fun game, tap on the cubes carefully to achieve the level target! Work on your way through all different types of levels and puzzles. Solve the puzzle and sharpen your brain to complete the next easy or hard level. Cube Blast is a very addictive game. There is no constraint to playing this Online/Offline game. How to Play: ★ Tap on the cube and destroy 2 or more 2 cubes. ★ Complete the level target. ★ Unlock the next level for play. Features: ★ More than 100 sweet and magic levels and more puzzles are in free updates. ★ Wobble boxes to suggest a possible next move. ★ Powerful in-game booster to help you complete the hard and tricky levels. ★Available to play on Android phones and tablets. ★ 5 different types of magic boosters. ★ 5 different types of cube combinations are available. ★ 8 different types of cube blocks. ★ Watch ads to earn extra free coins. ★ Clear cube blocks to complete the level. ★ Play anytime and anywhere, there is no internet / WiFi connection required to play! ★ Awesome game graphics quality. ★ Offline game. It’s the perfect game to play without an internet connection. Every 3-4 weeks, we added new levels and features. Come, play, and enjoy a free game. Cube Blast is completely free to play. Some options in-game items will require real money payment. Thank you to everyone who played Cube Blast.

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The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and the world's most elevant channels such as Facebook.